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 news ®- December 14

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12/14/14 - Database Update - new with Cobra Multirotor CM Series and YGE (Young Generation Electronics) esc's

11/24/14 - We do design a propCalc calculation model for
- maximum Flight Speed for level flight
- maximum steady Speed in vertical climb
- maximum Rate of Climb
is anybody out there who can provide us with GPS data for these values from there real prop driven RC Airplane? please contact us on info[at]ecalc.ch - Thank you

11/11/14 - We start the BETA-Test of coaxial xcopterCalc for members only for a limited time. We remind you this is a test version only and deviations to the real may occure. xcopterCalc assumes to have the same prop-motor combo for bottom and top drive. We appreciate your feedbacks by eMail (info[at]ecalc.ch) with a eCalc screen shot and your real values for verification purpose. Thanks for your help and enjoy...

11/4/14 - We will redesign our homepage to responsive technologie - this will provide a better user experience on small devices. Check-out our first screen prototyp with responsive design.

We are looking for coaxial measurements - we have developed a calculation model for coaxial multicopter. To verify the model we need your coaxial measurements. If you have values of any coaxial multicopter with same upper/lower motor-prop-combination please contact us info[at]ecalc.ch - Thanks for your help!


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