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 news - December 1st

12/1/16 - Motor database updated witn Dualsky GA-Series (2nd Generation)

11/28/16 - Prop database updated: Master Airscrew E, GF, Scimitar added

11/26/16 - Motor database updated: TGY Multistar Viking and others

11/18/16 - Wondering your center of gravity (CG) is correct for your next maiden flight? Verify or evaluate your CG with our new toolbox service cgCalc...

10/2/16 - the new wingDesigner4 in the Toolbox below evaluates and visualizes the center of gravitiy (CG) of more complex wing designs.

9/15/16 - new eCalc Version 6.71 available - What's new?
  - Remarks are color coded (blue: info / red: critical)
  - xcopterCalc: new Range Estimator
  - propCalc - easy: Beta Version for smart phones
  - and more...
If you have problems to run the new version, please proceed according the General Procedure here...

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These tools may further support you by calculating RC-related tasks:

  • cgCalc: Calculate, evaluate or verify the Center of Gravity (CG), Neutral Point (NP) and Aerodynamic Center (AC) of your airplan before maiden. The only CG Calculator for upto 5 wing panels.
  • control surface moment: calculate the required torque of your servo.
  • decalage: evaluation with some easy measurments on the table.
  • TRUE C Rating: calculate the true perfomance of your battery.
  •  wingDesigner4: evaluate and vizualize the center of gravity (CG) of complex wing
  • wingDesigner: evaluate and vizualize the center of gravity (CG) of your wing
  • xcopterDesigner: optimise and visualises your copter design.

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