eCalc - wingDesigner - calculate center of gravity (CG)

The wingDesigner1 of visualizes your single panel wing design and evaluates the center of gravity (CG).
It has been found both experimentally and theoretically that, if the aerodynamic
force is applied at a location of 25% of the Mean Aerodynamic Cord (MAC), the magnitude of the aerodynamic moment remains nearly constant even when the angle of attack changes.
This location is called the wing's Aerodynamic Centre AC.
Aircraft with fuselage: The CG is based on 25% MAC (Mean Aerodynamic Cord).
Flying Wings: The CG is based on 90% of the CG of an aircraft with fuselage.
The optimal CG must be evaluated in flight. For safety start evaluation always with a static margin of 5...15% for a good longitudinal stability and use resulting CG. Never ever exceed AC on first flight!
Aircraft:   Wing Types
Wingspan:   cm
Root chord [R]:   cm
Tip chord [T]:   cm
Sweep [S]:   cm
Static margin   %
CG []:   8.23 cm
AC []:   9.71 cm
MAC @ Distance   14.86 cm @ 14.86 cm
Wing Area:   980 cm²
Aspect Ratio   5

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